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Tasleem Mulhall, an artist deeply influenced by her Yemeni origins, came to England at the age of fifteen, bringing with her aspects of her own rite of passage and coming-of-age experiences, including witnessing the everyday subjugation of women living in a society that
casually regarded male domination as the norm.

When not engaged in painting or sculpture, Tasleem still follows her career as a freelance press photographer; finding in it’s factual reportage a counter-balance to the emotional demands associated with producing the surreal and abstract paintings and sculptures that largely characterize her creative output.

An occasional return to photography, she says, can be regenerative; a once in a while coming up for air.  But, with a developing need to express her art and craft in three dimensions - whilst still painting with great enthusiasm - she continues to be drawn, emotionally, physically, toward sculpture.


Tasleem is the first British Yemeni female artist to be hailed, internationally, as a highly gifted artist whose challenging work is destined for exhibition in the world’s most influential galleries.